CaneLink Mobile FAQs

CaneLink Mobile

What is CaneLink Mobile?
CaneLink Mobile is a mobile-version of CaneLink, the University’s Student Information System (SIS).  CaneLink Mobile is optimized for smartphones, tablets, and network devices.

Where can I find CaneLink Mobile?
CaneLink Mobile can be accessed by clicking on the CaneLink (Mobile) icon located on the new CaneLink Springboard found at

How do I log in to CaneLink Mobile?
Please use your CaneID and password to log in to CaneLink Mobile

I am having trouble logging in to CaneLink Mobile.
If you are a student, faculty member or UM employee, please contact the UMIT Service Desk at or (305) 284-6565 for assistance.
If you are not a student, faculty member or UM employee, you will not have access to log in to CaneLink Mobile.

Does CaneLink Mobile have all the features that are available in the Desktop version of CaneLink?
No, CaneLink Mobile is a light version of CaneLink and some features are not available.  You should use the Full Site if you want to:

  • View Unofficial Transcript
  • Request an Official Transcript
  • View Degree Progress, and What ifs
  • Register for Graduation
  • Request Delegate Access
  • Faculty – enter grades that require I or F on grade roster

Can I use CaneLink Mobile on my Desktop or Laptop computer?
Yes. You can log in and use CaneLink Mobile from a desktop and laptop computer as well as any mobile device.

Can I download my class schedule from CaneLink Mobile?
Yes. While viewing your schedule in CaneLink Mobile, click on the settings icon settings icon and choose Download Schedule. This will produce an .ics file to download and import to your calendar.

Do parents (proxy/delegate) have access to CaneLink Mobile?
Currently parents (designated proxy) do not have access to CaneLink Mobile and need to continue using the desktop version of CaneLink at this time.

I am a faculty member can I enter grades in CaneLink Mobile?
You can enter grades in CaneLink Mobile only if you are not entering any I or F grades on the grade roster.  Grades will not be saved if an I or F is entered.  To enter I and F grades on a roster, please use the desktop version of CaneLink.  

Where can I find the web links that I use on the Student/Faculty home page when I log in to the desktop version of CaneLink? (ie. Housing Application, Cane Express transactions, Meal Plan, Apply to Graduate, Instructor Evaluation, Registrar Forms, Cognate Proposal Form, etc.)
The web links are still available on the Student/Faculty home page.  From the new CaneLink Springboard click on the Full-site Icon, log in to SSO/Duo and you will see the desktop landing page with the web links.