CaneLink: Registration

Subcategory Description Audience Tip Sheet Tutorial
Enrolling a Student in a Class Provides directions for enrolling students in their classes.This is available for staff in the Office of the Registrar and academic units where students do not use self service. Staff & Registrar
Enrolling a Student in a Variable Credit Class Provides directions for enrolling students in classes where a range of credit options are available. Staff & Registrar
Placing a Student on a Waitlist Provides the steps needed by a staff member for placing a student on a waitlist. Staff & Registrar
Understanding Enrollment Overrides Provides directions for registering students into classes where they don’t meet a class requirement or a pre-requisite. Staff & Registrar
Viewing Class Section Information Provides staff members with the navigation to view specific information for each class section. Staff & Registrar
Introduction to Registration Basic information is provided for the completion of forms processed by the Office of the Registrar. Staff & Registrar N/A