CaneLink Security

All faculty, staff, and students who use CaneLink are required to obtain approval for the appropriate security level prior to using the system. Access and associated security level are provided based on a pre-determined role and the tasks each user will be performing within the system.

The CaneLink system is comprised of many modules with various links, pages, tables, and fields; therefore, users may have different levels of access for different modules, e.g., a user may have Maintenance Level Access for Schedule of Classes and have View Only Access for Admissions information.

Granting users the appropriate security level access is very important to the success of maintaining data security within the system.

Data security comprises the following elements:

  • Privacy – Keeping data hidden from unauthorized parties
  • Integrity – Keeping transmitted data intact
  • Authentication – Verification of the identity of an entity that’s transferring data
  • Access – Providing the user with appropriate menus and ability to select pages (components) from those menus 
  • Authorization – Providing users with access to the data they are allowed to access
  • Non-repudiation – Capability to assert that updates or modifications were performed by a particular user based on the user’s certificate

It is the responsibility of every faculty, staff, and student member to ensure that data security is achieved within the system. The legitimacy and accuracy of data within the system relies heavily on preventing unauthorized users access to sensitive data, and making sure authorized users have consistent access to the data needed to perform tasks.