Parent FAQs


What is CaneLink? How do I access it?
CaneLink is the University of Miami’s student information system and a major component of the long term plan to modernize the University of Miami’s administrative systems. It can be accessed by navigating to

What is a proxy? What happened to delegate access?
A proxy user is a person that has been given access to a student’s record in CaneLink. Delegate and proxy are synonymous.

How do I access proxy information on CaneLink?
Navigate to and sign in using your CaneID and password. Click on the “Proxy Home” tab, this will open the proxy menu with access to the information that your student has granted you access to.

What if I forget my Cane ID or password?
Please visit CaneID Authentication Service to recover your CaneID or password.

Who can I contact if I can’t get into CaneLink?
Please contact the UMIT Service Desk at or (305) 284-6565.

How do I get access to additional student information for my child or dependent?
Proxy access may include any combination of the follow: UM Billing and Online Payments, UM Financial Aid Information, UM Grade/Transcript Information, UM Health Insurance Information. The student has the power to grant and revoke the access to any of the above areas of information for a proxy at any time.

Will I receive access to my student’s billing information so I can pay tuition and fees?
Yes. Ensure that your student has selected “UM Billing and Online Payments.”

I never received the email my student said I should have received to set up my Proxy access. What should I do?
Check your junk email folder. If the email is not there, ask your student to resend it to you.

I have two students attending UM. How do I get access to both accounts?
Each student must follow the steps for approving Proxy access for you.