Faculty/Advisor FAQs


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  • Not sure where to go?

    See the grid below for a quick guide on important term related tasks for faculty: 



    View my Class Schedule CaneLink > Faculty Home > UM SIS - Faculty Center > My Schedule
    View my Class Roster CaneLink > Faculty Home > UM SIS - Faculty Center > My Schedule > click the icon next to the class
    View my Grade Roster CaneLink > Faculty Home > UM SIS - Faculty Center > My Schedule > click the icon next to the class
    View my paycheck and other HR related data (myUM) You can navigate to myUM from the main Miami homepage or CaneLink > Faculty Home > Online Resources > myUM

  • What’s the difference between ‘ID’ and ‘Campus ID’?

    The Campus ID field refers to the UMID (C-number) that is used for all of the enterprise applications (i.e. housing, dining, HR, email, blackboard etc.) The “ID” field refers to the “emplID,” which is CaneLink (or Campus Solutions’) unique identifier for all student and faculty registration information

  • How does CaneLink’s semester (term) numbering system work?

    Terms (semesters) in CaneLink are limited to four numerical characters. As such, a new term numbering system was devised. The first digit refers to the millennium in which the term occurs. The second and third digits refer to the shorthand year in which the term takes place. The fourth digit refers to the month in which the term begins. For example: 1998= Fall 1999, 2138 = Fall 2013, 2141 = Spring 2014, and 2145 = Summer 2014.

  • What’s the difference between the Faculty Home and the Faculty Center?

    The Faculty Home is the first page that you will come to after you sign into CaneLink. This provides self-service links to enterprise applications outside of CaneLink as well as a portal to the Faculty Center. The “Faculty Center” is the self-service portal of the “Campus Solutions” software for faculty members. It includes class schedules, class rosters, class grades, and the advisor center (if you advise students).

  • Where is my class roster?

    To view your class roster, click on this icon for the class you want to view in the My Schedule tab.

    NOTE: you can only switch between classes by going back to the My Schedule tab, and clicking on the class roster icon () of the new class you wish to view

  • What if I don’t see my class rosters?

    Class rosters only show when there are students enrolled in your class, or you are correctly assigned via the schedule of classes. If you do not see a class that you should be assigned to, contact your department scheduler.

  • How do I download my class roster from the Faculty Center?

    To download your class roster, navigate to CaneLink > Faculty Home > UM SIS – Faculty Center > Class Roster. Once you have navigated to the screen that lists the students in your class, you can select the download icon () to download your class roster to Microsoft Excel.

  • If a class reaches the maximum capacity, how can I enroll another person?

    This is a business process that will be defined by each school or college. Contact your school or college’s central scheduling unit.

  • How do I search the schedule of classes?

    To view the schedule of classes for Fall 2013 forward, go to CaneLink > Faculty Home > UM SIS – Faculty Center > Search. From the main search page, you can select a subject, and specify course number and career. If you would like other options (i.e. meeting times, class keywords, course components, or course attribute e.g. “writing” etc.) click the arrow next to “Additional Search Criteria.”

    NOTE: It is not necessary to select more than one search criteria. If your search will return more than 50 results, you will receive a warning screen. Click the OK button.

  • Why does an older term display when I view my schedule?

    The last time you taught a class will display as the default term. Click the “Select Term” button to change the display term (semester).

  • Where is my grade roster?

    To view your grade roster, click on the icon for the roster you want to view from the My Schedule tab.

    NOTE: This icon will only appear after grade rosters have been released. Contact the office of the registrar for further details.

  • Why can’t I see my Grade Roster?

    Grade rosters will be produced at the end of a term or session. Once grade rosters are produced, you will be able to access your grade roster to record grades. Contact the office of the registrar for further details.

  • Can I see Grade Rosters from prior terms in the Faculty Center?

    Yes. Click the “Change Term” button, and select a prior term. Then click the grade roster icon () for the grade roster you would like to view.

    NOTE: The office of the registrar has loaded grades for classes dating back to spring 2005.

  • How do I email students in my class?

    Navigate to the Class Roster page. Once there, you have several options: 1) Click the student’s name to utilize your desktop email package to email an individual student; 2) Select ‘notify selected students’ to select one or more students – this option utilizes a screen in the system where you can type a message to the students; 3) Select ‘notify all students’ to email all the students in your class utilizing the student system email screen.

  • I just finished entering my grades. Should I click the notify students button?

    No. The “notify students” button is used to send an email to all students. It is not related to the grade roster functionality. Make sure the “Approval Status” is set to “Approved” and click the save button. You will receive a pop-up message stating that grades have been successfully sent to the Office of the Registrar for posting.

  • How do I view a photo of students in my class?

    You have a couple of options to view a photo of students in your class. From the Class Roster grid, you can click on the icon located in the Photo column of the grid. This will bring up a photo of the student you selected. To view all students, click the “Printer Friendly with photos” button.

    NOTE: Due to the size and shape of the photos that are loaded from the cane card system into CaneLink, certain printers may cut photos off at the bottom of the page. For these instances, we recommend using Internet Explorer, as the print option is the least likely to split photos between pages.

  • When I look at my class roster with photos, many student pictures are missing. Why is this happening?

    CaneLink receives student pictures from the system that contains cane card photos, and loads them at the beginning of each semester. If you are teaching a class with many students that have not yet received a cane card, those students will not have a picture available in the system.

  • I can’t see the classes I’m teaching in the evening hours in the grid view of my schedule.

    You can adjust the end time and refresh your calendar. Unfortunately, this view cannot be saved in this format to view every time you return to this function.


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  • What is the Advisor Center?

    As a Faculty Advisor, you will have access to the Advisor Center, which provides additional functionality in this system. You must be assigned as a student’s advisor for the Advisor Center to display in the Faculty Center. You can also navigate to the Advisor Center by clicking Admin Home > Self Service > Advisor Center. If you have any questions about your assignment as an advisor, please contact the Dean’s Office in your School or College.

  • What can I do in the Advisor Center?

    In the Advisor Center, you can see a list of students assigned to you. Click “View Student Details” next to the intended student name to drill into several aspects of the student’s academic record (i.e. class schedule, service indicators, degree progress report, enrollment shopping cart) in order to properly advise them on their academic career.

  • Can I register a student for classes?

    No, this is normally a function a student performs. In some cases, registration is done at the Dean’s Office in certain Schools or Colleges. You can see what classes a student plans to enroll in by looking at the student’s planner or shopping cart. The planner allows the student to plan several terms by selecting from the course catalog while the shopping cart allows them to select term specific classes for the term once the schedule of classes has been published.

  • Do I still have to give students PIN numbers? What is a permission number?

    PIN numbers are no longer used. Departments can now offer course based “Permission Numbers,” that students can enter in order to enroll in a permission only class. For more information on using permission numbers, or to request permission numbers for your class, contact the Dean’s office of your school or college.

  • Can a student have more than one advisor?

    Yes. Each advisor has access to the student’s information. There is no way to assign a primary advisor. Each advisor has similar access. If a student has more than one advisor, any of the advisors can take the student off of a Hold. It is advisable that students have as few advisors as possible.

  • If a student has a Service Indicator (hold) released, is the student notified?

    No, when a Service Indicator (hold) is released for a student, no notifications are sent. However, when the student logs into CaneLink, she/he can see who removed the Hold, and when the Hold was removed.

  • How do I release the Service Indicator (hold) on the student’s record if they are required to be advised before they register for classes?

    If you are listed as a student’s advisor, you can release the advising service indicator by navigating to CaneLink > Advisor Center > My Advisees tab. In the list view of your advisees, you can click on the ‘release advising hold’ to release the hold on the student. If the service indicator has already been released, the person who released it and the release time will be displayed.

  • How do I see the Student’s Enrollment Window?

    Navigate to CaneLink > Advisor Center > Student Center tab. The enrollment dates are displayed in a box on the right hand side of the screen.

  • How do I see the Service Indicators (holds) on a Student’s Record?

    Navigate to CaneLink > Advisor Center > Student Center tab. The holds are displayed in the Holds module on the right-hand side of the Advisee Student Center. You can also view holds by navigating to CaneLink > Advisor Center > General Info. Holds are listed under the “service indicators” section of this page.

    NOTE: A service indicator is a hold on the student’s record. A negative service indicator indicates a service is being withheld such as the ability to register for classes or order a transcript.

  • How do I see what other Advisors are assigned to a student?

    Navigate to CaneLink > Advisor Center > Student Center tab. The student’s advisors are displayed in the Advisor section on the Advisee Student Center screen.