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Workday Finance Tips and Tricks

Use this collection of tips and tricks to help you more efficiently use the Workday system.

How Do I Know My Workday Role(s)?

You can view the  roles(s) assigned to you by going to you worker profile and using the related actions to find Security Profile. This action allows you to see your roles and the organizations they are assigned to. In addition, Managers are able to see the roles assigned to their employees using the same process to find Security Profile.

Why is this important?  Knowing the roles for a position allows an employee or their Manager to find appropriate training in ULearn by searching for role-based training. In addition, tip sheets and other materials often reference specific roles. 

How Can I See Everyone in My Department? 

The information you can see is driven by your security role(s). If an employee has a default cost center assignment in a cost center to which a finance role is assigned, this role will be able to see information and initiate tasks related to that employee. 

This is different from HCM roles, including HR BPI, Timekeeper, Manager, and HR Partner, which are assigned to supervisory organizations. If you have a HCM role, you can see information and tasks related to employees who are members of the Supervisory Org(s) to which your role is assigned.

Tasks and business processes are either Finance (i.e. Costing Allocation, Payroll Accounting Adjustment) or HCM (i.e. Create Job, Change Compensation). 

So how do you know the roles you can access? There are two important pieces of information. An employee’s default organization assignments are by position and are found on the Organizationstab within Workday. All Finance roles can see this tab for any employee in the University (it does not contain confidential information).

If the employee is not in an organization you have responsibility for, you can find out who does support them by clicking on Support Roles (also visible for any employee).  Scroll down to find the role you’re looking for (e.g. FBPI).  If you see your name, you’ll know that individual has assignments in organizations you support. If you click on the related actions icon next to that person’s name, it will open up a box with their phone number, location, and email address.

Can I Change My Landing Page Dashboard?

You can add a My Dashboard worklet to your home page where you can easily access information, such as tasks you have initiated or metrics related to your staff. Your dashboard is customizable, meaning you can see the information that matters most to you. 

Have a Tip or Trick to Share?

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