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Training Questions

Workday Finance Training Questions
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Approval Loop

Given the shortened approval loops, e.g. removing Ariba “watchers”, how will others be made aware of purchases and other business processes?
Unlike Ariba, users will not be able to customize approval flows in Workday by adding “watchers.” Workday uses notifications to make others aware of purchases and other business processes that have been approved and completed.

Corporate Card

How can I learn more about the transition of P-Cards from American Express to US Bank?

Additional communication from the Corporate Cards Office on the issuance of new PCards is forthcoming.  If you have a P-Card, you were assigned to the “Purchasing Card Education (U.S. Bank)” training, a computer-based learning (CBL) module in ULearn, which must be completed by July 17. On April 17, you  received a notification from ULearn with registration instructions. (Please note: If you have attended the Workday Finance training session on Procurement, you must still take the P-Card CBL. The new CBL provides critical information regarding P-Card policy and usage and is required in order to receive the new card or reconcile P-Cards for others.) If you do not complete this training, you will not be able to pick up your new P-Card and will be unable to make any purchases on September 1 with the AMEX card.


Beginning Tuesday, August 1, new P-Cards will be available for pickup. In order to collect the new card, a University of Miami photo ID and proof of completion of the “Purchasing Card Education (U.S. Bank)” Training CBL must be presented. Cardholders will be advised via email about P-Card pick-up opportunities at various University locations.


How will existing transactions in Ariba, e.g. a Spend Authorization for travel in July, standing POs, etc. be transferred to Workday Finance?
Details of how University of Miami will transition from using legacy systems like Ariba to Workday Finance and UMarketplace are in the process of being developed and will communicated in the coming month.
How long will we have access to legacy systems (including archived reports and past Ariba transactions) once Workday Finance goes live?
Access to legacy systems has not been fully defined, but will be provided for a period of time following the implementation of Workday.


Will employees have to set up payment elections for Expense Reports starting on June 1?
The payment election that you currently have designated will be transferred to Workday prior to the June 1 go-live. Employees may choose to modify their payment elections within Workday after June 1.
Can “Create Spend Authorization” be used to reconcile a Travel Card?
“Create Spend Authorization” is a business process that is used for documenting and submitting travel (cash) advances and pre-paid travel expenses. Spend Authorization Lines are not used to reconcile Travel Card transactions.


When would I need to assign a cart to another employee?
There are a number of reasons that one can assign a cart to complete a purchase, and these reasons will differ based on different departments' business needs. For example, if one employee is tasked with completing purchases for a department, all employees in that department can share their carts to that one employee to complete the entire order and assign the appropriate costing allocation(s). Another example is that an employee can pick out a few options and put them in a cart, assign the cart to another employee so that he/she can review and choose which items they’d like to purchase.
What will be the future state role of Property Accounting in the Controller’s Office?
Property Accounting will continue to manage the accounting and tracking of capital assets.
Who initiates the "Create Receipt" business process, and when it is used?
The business process "Create Receipt" is used for receipt of goods/services based on a Purchase Order. It is required on purchase orders that include subcontracts, consulting agreements, trackable Assets (capital equipment), and non-capital equipment and furniture. It is initiated by the "UM Receiver" role, which will be assigned by a department's Cost Center Manager(s). The Controller's Office is implementing a new requirement for receiving in conjunction with the implementation of Workday Finance, which will be communicated as soon as it becomes available. It is a new process and will utilize new security roles.


What will replace Report 90s? Will there be a summary report of open encumbrances that can be pulled by the CCM, Department, Account, or PI?
The equivalent of the Report 90 and DMAS screens will be available in Workday to help reconcile or audit accounts.

Supplier Onboarding

Will there be exceptions for suppliers that are unable to get insurance?
The process is not changing with the implementation of Workday. The Supply Chain Central Department with Risk Management will make the decision on what types of insurance is required from each vendor.


When will end users receive training on petty cash and the replacement for eChecks?
The Workday Finance Project Team is in the process of finalizing training material for these processes and will roll out training in May.
What is the schedule for future Finance User Network (FUN) meetings?
The Workday Finance Change Management Team is in the process of planning the schedule for FUN meetings for the coming months and will communicate the schedule shortly. Click here to view Workday Finance Upcoming Events.
Who can attend Expenses and Procurement instructor-led training?
Anyone that purchases or does expense reimbursements should be the first group to attend training prior to go-live. Please keep in mind that in order to attend this training you must have the appropriate security role. Sessions are now open on ULearn (prerequisite for training enrollment is the successful completion of the FDM 101 CBL). options and put them in a cart, assign the cart to another employee so that he/she can review and choose which items they’d like to purchase.

User Interface

Workday currently logs users out after 20 minutes of system inactivity; can this be changed?
No, this is set for the Workday system as a whole, consistent with University of Miami Information Technology policies and best practices.